How To Look Like A Baseball Player [Ultimate Guide]


Baseball is undeniably one of the most popular sports, especially in the US. And this popularity of the sport has also translated to making baseball outfits iconic.

Almost all competitive sports involve injuries. And like other sports, baseball also has its own unique uniform that includes specific clothes and protective gear. While baseball injuries may not be as dangerous as higher contact sports like hockey and football, injuries can still happen. This is a major reason why wearing essential protective gear is crucial when playing baseball.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how to look like a pro baseball player, this article guides you through all the essential items of clothing you should be wearing.

Baseball Clothing

When playing on the field, every baseball player needs to have the basic requirements when it comes to their outfits. If you’re wondering how to look like a good baseball player, here are all the clothes and gear you should be wearing.


Team shirts or jerseys are an important part of a baseball uniform. A jersey typically has the name and/or the number of the athlete, a team logo, and the name of sponsors on it. Baseball players wearing the same jersey give a unique identity to the team and make it easy to spot the players. It fosters a feeling of belonging and unity, which is important for the team as well as the fans.


Over the years, jersey styles and designs have changed drastically but this piece of clothing remains one of the most important parts of the baseball uniform.


Although baseball is usually played in the summer, don’t be too surprised to find players wearing an undershirt. This is because jerseys are not the most comfortable piece of clothing, and it is always better to have an additional layer of comfortable clothing between your skin and your jersey.

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An undershirt can help protect your skin from any potential itching caused by the embroideries and logo stitchings on the jersey. Besides, they are also useful when playing in colder months.

Long-sleeved undershirts with turtlenecks would offer complete protection. Moreover, fold-over turtlenecks and embroidered mock-necks have also become more of a fashion statement today. So, you can have your name or initials embroidered on your undershirt to create a style statement.


When playing in harsh summer, baseball pants can get very uncomfortable. They’re especially bad if the pants are not made with the right material or don’t have a proper fitting.

Today, however, you can find baseball pants that are mid-calf to full-lengths and are made from softer, moisture-absorbing materials.

Shoes and Cleats

Baseball shoes have cleats protruding out of the bottoms. They are either made of rubber or plastic and are meant to provide the player with better traction on the dirt or grass on the field.

Some players even use metal cleats. However, while metal cleats may last longer, they cause more injuries. They also get caught in the grass and base and pose a higher risk of you twisting your ankle.


Baseball is an intensive game. Wearing good socks will absorb sweat from your feet and keep you more comfortable. Socks can also be the team’s signature accessory. Half-calf athletic socks have become a major trend, not just on the field but off the field as well.

Hats and Helmets

When it comes to baseball, caps are a must-have for players as well as spectators. Designed to keep the sun out of the eyes, a basic cap has a crown and a visor. Caps are also an iconic piece of baseball gear. Donning a cap of your favorite team is how you show your support.

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As for helmets, players who are prone to facial injuries are required to wear them. Little league players also have to compulsorily wear helmets.


It is only after the 1870s that gloves as a piece of protective wear were worn by baseball players. Before that, players endured injuries caused by fast-paced balls. Since they were introduced, gloves have become an integral part of the baseball uniform.

Sweaters, Coats, And Jackets

While do serve a functional purpose of protecting the players during colder seasons, there is also a wide variety of styles and designs for outer garments of baseball players. It is common to find particular outer clothing dominating an entire season.

And with players becoming fashion icons, many players love making fashion statements with sleeveless vests, logoed windbreakers, and more.

Athletic Supporter

It is always recommendable to wear an athletic supporter when you are playing contact games like baseball. The undergarment protects primary sexual organs from sustaining any injuries.

Off-Field Outfits

The above clothing will fulfill all the requirements of looking like a baseball player when playing the game. But, how to look like a baseball player off the field?

The off-field baseball outfit allows you a lot of room to experiment. But the basics include a long-sleeved shirt (sleeves rolled up), sweatpants, and don’t forget a baseball cap. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even wear a powerband or a Phiten necklace.

Quick Tips To Look Like A Baseball Player

Dressing for a baseball game is pretty simple and straightforward. Your uniform must be a fit that allows a wide range of motion while playing the game.

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Here are some handy tips to help you dress like a baseball player:

  • Opt for loose-fitting clothes
  • Layer your clothing for colder months
  • Choose appropriate sneakers of a good fit and decide between high-tops and low-tops
  • Use appropriate underwear
  • Do not forget protective gear


What Do Baseball Players Have To Wear?

A typical baseball uniform includes a jersey or a shirt, pants, shoes with cleats, socks, caps, and gloves.

What Kind Of Shirt Is A Baseball Jersey?

Baseball jerseys come in various colors and designs as selected by the team. However, they are mostly short-sleeved, button-up shirts. Today, jerseys are made of more breathable materials like polyester.

Can A Baseball Player Not Wear A Hat?

You will almost always see a player wearing a hat; however, it is not a compulsion. Players wear hats to protect their eyes from the glaring rays of the sun. The only headgear that the players are forced to wear is protective helmets for catchers.

What Should I Look For In Baseball Cleats?

Cleats are meant for support, so make sure your shoes offer a snug fit and have enough room for the toe. Choose cleats that will help you dig your toe in the batter’s box when batting, but avoid cleats that are prone to causing injuries.


Baseball outfits are not only functional but also look incredibly fashionable. So, how to look like a cool baseball player? Just wear the sports uniform of jerseys, pants, socks, shoes, hats, and gloves. Next, throw on some shades, don a windbreaker, and you are ready!

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