How Many Innings In Coach Pitch Baseball?


For most kids, sports become more interesting when they are allowed to play with adults. These adults can be parents, instructors, or coaches. So, this idea has been excellently incorporated to create a form of baseball known as coach-pitch baseball. This sport allows coaches to pitch the ball to kids under nine. However, many enthusiasts are curious about how many innings are in coach-pitch baseball.

Coach pitch baseball consists of six innings within 90 minutes. Here, all players present are placed in an order in which they have to hit. On the one hand, no new inning begins after 60 minutes. Also, no game ends unless the home team completes half of an inning. And no regular inning begins after five minutes to the end of the time limit. 

What Is Coach Pitch Baseball

Coach pitch baseball is an instructional league that teaches young players about the basics of baseball. In this game, the team’s coaches carry out the pitching role. This game comprises under-nine-year-old players who bat baseballs that their coaches safely pitch. Apart from baseball, the game’s significant aim is to teach kids excellent sportsmanship.

These games are held every Tuesday and Thursday evening by 6:30 PM; practice for preseason starts in May. Also, the coach pitch baseball season starts in early June and continues to late July. Usually, games are not set for the holiday beginning on the fourth of July. 

Is 8U A Coach Pitch?

Coach pitch is allowed for five to eight-year-old kids; this implies that 8U is a coach pitch. In the running year, players turning nine before the first of May are not eligible for Spring/Summer ball. Also, players turning nine before the first of May in the subsequent year are not eligible for Fall ball. Every team must have at least eight players to begin or resume a match. 


In an 8U coach pitch game, the coaches beyond the pitcher’s boundary are to avoid moving after the ball is struck. Otherwise, they have to move away from the site of action swiftly. Also, a batted ball that hits a coach is usually ruled as a dead ball. Also, the batter is given first base, while all the other runners are given one base. 

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How Fast Is Coach Pitch Baseball?

There are six innings in 8U coach-pitch baseball. Also, the games go on until the time expires or the maximal number of innings is reached. And no regular inning is allowed to start after the expiration of the time limit. Nonetheless, the following inning begins after the third out is announced in the previous inning. 

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Usually, the scorekeeper declares the beginning of every game and records it in the scorebook. Also, the scorekeeper’s watch is always the stipulated time. But, on the other hand, new innings start with less than ten minutes left of the time limit. So, the ongoing inning will be exhausted if the losing side has failed to beat.

How to Throw Coach Pitch Baseball?

The coach-pitch baseball division is for kids under eight years, building baseball skills. So, this sport begins with training them to strike balls pitched at lower speeds. So, coach pitch baseball should usually be at approximately 25 miles per hour. This minimal speed allows the players to build their coordination and catch up, preparing them for higher baseball divisions. 

However, many coach pitch baseball experts have admonished that pitching the ball at higher speeds is better. The ball usually comes at slow speeds, so the steep angles make it even harder to strike. So, it’s okay to pitch from the knee because of the height difference between the pitcher and the kid. Also, employing underhand throws can be much more efficient.

How To Keep Score In Coach Pitch Baseball

Keeping scores in coach pitch baseball involves assigning different numbers to every player. These numbers are different from jersey numbers, and they include:

  • Pitcher — 1
  • Catcher — 2
  • First base — 3
  • Second base — 4
  • Third base — 5
  • Shortstop — 6 
  • Left field — 7
  • Center field — 8
  • Right field — 9

But for a ten-player team, a “10” indicates a fourth outfielder or a short fielder. On the other hand, “DH” represents a designated hitter. 

On the other hand, game action is represented using different symbols, which include:

  • 1B — single
  • 2B — double
  • 3B — triple
  • HR — home run
  • DP — double play
  • FC — fielder’s choice
  • E — error
  • HBP — hit by pitch
  • WP — wild pitch
  • PB — passed ball
  • RBI — run batted in
  • IP — illegal pitch
  • SB — stolen base
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How To Throw Coach Pitch Baseball

For kids, learning how to strike a baseball takes a lot of rep. So when kids play coach-pitch baseball, they would need tons of live-pitched batting routines. However, correctly pitching with consistency can be pretty challenging, especially if you’re not a regular. So, there are several tips you should keep in mind for throwing coach-pitch baseball.

  • Aim at Hits, And Not Strikeouts.
  • Throw From A Convenient Distance.
  • Always pitch a four-seam fastball.
  • Carry three baseball balls at once.
  • Use a more natural delivery and arm movement. 
  • Always focus your throws on a single location.
  • Utilize a catcher if you find throwing strikes challenging.
  • Consistent practice does the trick.

Do MLB Coaches Call Pitches?

Usually, Major League Baseball coaches do not call pitches. Instead, this is the job of the catcher, who calls most of the pitches. This catcher puts on a wristband that has nine buttons for calling pitches and locations. In addition, the pitcher’s cap carries a receiver that connects with the receiver in the catcher’s helmet. The encrypted channel between them can support many languages. 

On the other hand, the manager calls things like intentional walks. This situation tends to occur much more frequently because it’s hard to make such calls without the opponents getting ideas. 

How Long Are Coach Pitch Games?

Usually, coach pitch baseball games are one hour long and consist of five innings. All the players involved in the game are put in an order in which they will strike the baseball. And this batting order does not change all through the game. Keep in mind that the opposition team’s coach always does pitching.

On the other hand, coaches pitch baseball games with six innings played over 90 minutes. However, if the time elapses during an inning, it is continued if there is enough daylight left. 

What Baseball For Coach Pitch?

The type of baseball used in coach pitch baseball is usually a little larger than the ball used for regular baseball. It is also relatively softer than a regular baseball. This ball helps minimize injury for beginners or those who haven’t gotten used to the sport. Many coaches would recommend a softball with an 11-inch diameter.

But the size and weight of the baseball vary among different leagues. For instance, other leagues require nine-inch regulation-sized baseballs. But you should also consider the kind of baseball bat when picking a ball. For instance, more giant bats are always more compatible with baseballs like T balls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coach Pitch Better Than Machine Pitch?

Pitching machines are quite helpful in upping confidence and building certain skills. However, live pitching is more efficient in reproducing real-game conditions and building the nick for the pitcher’s throw.

Is Coach Pitch Underhand Or Overhand?

In coach pitch baseball, the pitching coach has to pitch overhand to the batters. And this is because the coach pitcher cannot pitch from a knee and has to do this activity while standing.

Does Coach Pitch Use Real Baseballs?

Coach pitch baseball uses the required baseballs that are suggested for this age bracket. The balls are a little larger than regular baseballs. However, they must be in line with the standard.

Can You Slide In Coach Pitch Baseball?

In coach pitch baseball, runners are not allowed to slide while trying to reach the base. However, it isn’t a problem if the slide is to avoid a throw that drags the first baseman. So, the runner will be cautioned if they slide for no reason.

How Do You Umpire A Coach Pitch?

The opposing team’s coach places themselves directly at the back of the catcher. And this is when the batter takes pitches. So, they record the number of pitches, strikes, and all calls at the plate. And usually, it is not allowable to umpire from the mound.

Can You Use T-Ball Bats For Coach Pitch?

Several approved T bats are allowed for use in coach pitch divisions but only with appropriate T balls. And although many T-ball players use larger 25-inch or 26-inch bats, those are too large for coach-pitch baseball. So, the weight of these bats should fall between 13 Oz to 18 Oz, but 15 Oz bats are preferred.

Final Thoughts

Coach pitch baseball is quite effective in helping kids get accustomed to the game of baseball. The sport consists of six innings in a 90-minute game or five innings within an hour. Also, apart from making the game more interesting, the adult coaches easily teach kids the rules, tricks, and tips. In addition, a larger ball is preferable in coach pitch baseball as it makes learning easier.

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