The 10 Best Baseball Batting Gloves [2023 Updated]


Batting gloves are an important piece of equipment in the game of baseball. Baseball gloves protect the hands of the player while also allowing him to get a better grasp on the baseball, which makes it easier to hit it. Getting the best batting gloves isn’t an easy task with different brands and models out there.

It can be overwhelming getting the right pair for your wrist and hands. In this blog, I’ve disclosed the top 10 best baseball batting gloves that can help you take your game to the next level.

10 Best Baseball Batting Gloves

1. Franklin Sports MLB Baseball Batting Gloves

If you’re looking for the official batting glove of the MLB, then Franklin Sports MLB Baseball Batting Gloves is the best. Franklin Sports MLB Baseball Batting Gloves is the most popular on-field batting glove used by major leaguers.

These gloves are constructed from top-quality leather and designed to play at peak performance season after season, with no tearing or bunching.

We like that they’re made specially to fit the natural curves of your hand, making them incredibly comfortable and giving them a responsive, natural feel.


They’re also designed with an all-new chrome logo treatment, which allows your gloves to shine and is the newest trend amongst MLB pros. Franklin Sports MLB Baseball Batting Gloves are available in all youth and adult sizes so that you can pick the perfect fit for you.

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2. Clutch Sports Apparel Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves

Best Baseball Batting Gloves

Clutch Sports Apparel Baseball and Softball Batting Glove are the best baseball batting gloves. These baseball and softball batting gloves are a must-have piece of equipment. They provide superior grip, control, and flexibility for hitters.

These batting gloves have a compression-fit wrist cuff that secures the glove to your hand while allowing you to control your great grip fit for both men and women. The interlocking feature on these batting gloves provides an added layer of protection from injury and additional support to give hitters a better grasp on the bat.

Sheepskin Leather batting gloves will fit perfectly with no adjustments needed. A wide elastic wrist strap provides the perfect fit and support while also helping to keep out dirt and debris.

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3. Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Signature Batting Gloves 

Best Baseball Batting Gloves

The Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Signature Gloves can be used for baseball and softball. And they come in a wide range of sizes, including youth small through adult XXL. This pair of batting gloves from Seibertron is designed to help you improve your grip on the bat and protect your hands when making contact with the ball.

When it comes to batting, you need to have a firm grip on the bat so you can swing with ease. These gloves have an anti-slip silicone palm that helps provide better control while you’re up at bat. The gel padding on the palm also protects your hand from impact and reduces shock and sting when making contact with the ball.

The side of these gloves is made from a breathable fabric, which keeps sweat away from your hands so that you can stay cool under pressure in hot weather. Plus, the adjustable wrist strap ensures a comfortable fit.

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4. Clutch Sports Apparel Pro Series Batting Gloves

Best Baseball Batting Gloves

The Clutch Sports Apparel Pro Series Stealth Black Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves are highly comfortable, durable, and protective.

We use a high-quality leather digitized sheepskin palm for ultimate comfort and flexibility. The woven elastic wrist strap gives you the support, mobility, and comfort you need to go to battle at the plate.

These batting gloves are available in both youth and adult sizes so that you can have the perfect fit. They’re also available in various colors, from black to red, blue, green, and even pink.

These gloves are very popular with players of all ages because they’re comfortable, durable, and provide excellent grip on the bat. This is a great glove. You can use it in several games and practices. It’s broken in nicely. It’s soft, and the leather is very durable.

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5. EASTON WALK-OFF Batting Glove

Best Baseball Batting Gloves

The EASTON WALK-OFF Batting Glove Series is designed for the player looking for a performance fit without sacrificing comfort or feel.

These gloves are available in all youth and adult sizes so that you can pick the perfect fit for you. You can also choose from various colors to match your team or your style.

You will find high-quality goatskin leather. This is extremely important because it allows you to get a good grip on your bat without extra effort.

The leather also gives you additional protection while batting. You can find this same premium leather along all of the fingers and down both thumb sides.

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6. EvoShield Pro Srz Batting Glove 

Best Baseball Batting Gloves

The EvoShield Pro Srz Batting Glove is a baseball glove used to help grip the bat while batting. These batting gloves offer a lightweight performance knit material highlighted by a molded neoprene cuff that makes adjustments quickly and easily.

The most important aspect of a batting glove is its grip on the player. Gloves that are too thin or slippery can make it hard to swing properly and even cause you to lose control of your bat.

The sheepskin leather palm in the EvoShield Pro Srz Batting Glove allows for increased grip and durability. It can be used for all levels of play, from minor league to professional level baseball players. 

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7. Palmgard STS Batting Glove

Best Baseball Batting Gloves

It’s not the most expensive batting glove out there, but it’s still one of the best. If you like to use wooden bats, this is an absolute must-buy. The durable leather material will help you grip those wooden bats better than anything else on the market.

And the all-around padding helps decrease sting and prevent injury. The padding on the back of the glove helps prevent injury and reduce the sting, but there’s still flexibility in the material, so your hand has freedom of movement. My favorite feature is that they come in all different sizes.

Even as an adult, I find that they fit perfectly. If you’re looking for a batting glove that offers both comfort and durability, this batting glove is a great choice.

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8. Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb X Baseball Batting Gloves

These gloves are the real deal. The Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb X Baseball Batting Gloves feature a leather palm and an adjustable wrist strap. They give you a superior grip in all weather conditions combined with extremely comfortable and non-restrictive performance.

The soft inner lining adds another layer of comfort, making these gloves ideal for players in any position. These gloves have an adjustable wrist strap that can be tightened or loosened, depending on your preference.

This feature allows players to choose how much support they want their gloves to provide during their swing without sacrificing flexibility or comfortability. If you are an adult and high school, then you can use it for you or your son.

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9. Louisville Slugger Genuine Adult Batting Gloves

Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb X Baseball Batting Gloves

The Louisville Slugger Genuine Adult Batting Gloves are an excellent batting glove for a baseball player who is looking for comfort, fit, and support. The material is Neoprene, which is durable and will last longer than other materials.

It also gives you an excellent grip, which helps you hold onto the bat better and helps you get more power behind the ball when you make contact. The gloves are designed to provide a secure fit, a smooth swing, and maximum durability.

The palm is made from premium-grade Neoprene with an open palm design for maximum feel on the bat handle. If you’re looking for a pair of batting gloves for both practice and games, this is a great choice.

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10. Mizuno MVP Adult Baseball Batting Gloves

Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb X Baseball Batting Gloves

Mizuno MVP batting gloves are the most preferred baseball gloves for professional players. They are designed to give you a secure fit, enhanced grip for a more stable swing, and decreased hand slippage during the swing. Mizuno MVP batting gloves feature a synthetic leather palm that allows you to write the player’s name on it.

An embossed synthetic overlay reduces weight and enhances breathability and added comfort. Mizuno MVP batting gloves have a microfiber lining underneath and a pre-curved finger design that makes them comfortable for all-day use. The Mizuno MVPs have an ultra-soft padded palm for added comfort and protection.

The half-finger design allowed for increased breathability and decreased hand slippage during the swing. If you are looking for a batting glove that will help you develop the proper mechanics, this is it.

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Buying guide for baseball batting gloves

You have to consider the following factors, choosing a pair of batting gloves should be easy.


The grip is very important for batting gloves. They help the baseball players get hold of their bat better and grip it firmly, helping them hit balls more accurately.

Baseball glove grips come in different types, such as soft palm leather or neoprene padding with a leather palm for batting gloves or backhand leather roll-on leather palm, which provide better durability for professional players’ use. When buying a baseball glove, ensure that you get the grip of the bat.


The material of baseball gloves makes a big difference in glove durability and comfort as well. The material used in your baseball batting gloves is important because it affects your grip on the bat as well as its durability.

You’ll usually see three primary materials used in baseball batting gloves: leather synthetic leather. Genuine leather is the most common material used in baseball batting gloves because it helps provide an excellent grip.


A good pair of baseball batting gloves will help keep your hands and wrists protected from injuries while giving you a better grip on your bat, allowing you to swing more smoothly and powerfully. Here are some features to look for in a pair of baseball batting gloves:

Shock absorption – This protects fingers, palms, and other hand areas from impact. Some batting gloves have extra padding in the palm to help absorb shock and protect the batter’s hand when the bat hits the ball. If you’re a power hitter, this may be an essential feature for you.

Flexibility – A good pair of gloves fits snugly but does not restrict movement when swinging the bat or holding it in place for the pitch.

Wrist style – The wrist on most batting gloves is open or closed. A closed wrist is designed to give support and comfort, while an open style provides maximum flexibility.

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Batting gloves are usually sized by hand circumference. Measure your dominant hand at its widest point to choose the correct size from the manufacturer’s size chart. Both youth and adult sizes are available in regular or extra-large sizes. Bellow, we include a size chart. Check and make an idea which one is perfect for you.

Best Baseball Batting Gloves


Some batting gloves have padding on the palm side to help reduce bat vibration when making contact with the ball. The amount of padding varies among models, with the most popular being minimal padding so players can maintain maximum finger flexibility.

Other gloves have padded backs to protect the inside of your wrists. While you’re swinging or sliding into the base. They also protect flying balls or bats during practice or warmups.

How to clean baseball batting gloves

To keep your batting gloves in their best condition, you should clean them after every game or practice. If you have lightly soiled batting gloves, follow these steps to clean them:

Step 1: Remove any dirt or debris built upon the gloves.

Step 2: Soak the gloves in warm water and a mild detergent. You can use the same laundry detergent for your clothes to clean your batting gloves.

Step 3: Remove the gloves from the water, rinse them with cold water, and then wring them out.

Step 4: Lay your batting gloves flat somewhere to dry.

It’s essential to never dry batting gloves in a clothes dryer or with heat as it can ruin their shape and materials. Also, don’t put them in the sun to dry as it could fade their color and damage any leather on them.

If your batting gloves need deeper cleaning, you can use warm water and mild soap to wash them by hand. Again, avoid using harsh detergents or soaps that contain oils or waxes because they will cause discoloration and damage the glove’s leather over time.

Frequently asked questions

Which is better: leather or synthetic baseball batting gloves?

Both leather and synthetic batting gloves have their advantages and disadvantages. Leather batting gloves are often considered more durable and provide a better grip, while synthetic batting gloves are usually lighter and less expensive. Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide which type of batting gloves is best for them.

Who makes the best baseball batting gloves?

There are many different brands of batting gloves, so it is hard to say which one is the best. Some of the more popular brands include Wilson, Rawlings, and Louisville Slugger.

How do you maintain batting gloves?

It’s also essential to store them properly when not in use. Keep them in a clean, dry place that doesn’t get direct sunlight. Keeping the plastic covering on them when not used is also recommended because it prevents dirt and debris from getting into the leather and damaging it over time.

To soften batting gloves, apply a small amount of glove oil to the leather portions of the glove and then rub it into the glove. This will allow them to absorb some of the oil and become softer.


There are many brands of batting gloves out there, but we think that these ten are the very best. We hope our buying guide helped you find the perfect pair for you. The products we’ve recommended all come from companies with positive reputations.

We hope that this guide helps you find the best baseball batting gloves. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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