5 Quick Tips on How to Break In a Nokona Baseball Glove


Nokona needs no introduction when it comes to leather products. It is one of the oldest and most prominent companies in the field—a renowned producer of many leather products, all of which embody brilliance in performance and design. Nokona is a remarkable purveyor of baseball gloves; these gloves don’t disappoint in the least and exhibit unbelievable performance. The leather used in making them is extremely nice and feels soft, if somewhat stiff. You must learn how to break in your Nokona Baseball glove, as a stiff one just won’t cut it on the field.

It doesn’t matter which position you play or what your skill level is, you must learn to break in a Nokona Baseball glove as soon as you can. The process entails creating a pocket in your glove to better fit and catch a baseball by making the leather softer and more flexible. You’ll be able to increase the comfort factor as well. You will be able to play at a much better level and pace if you complete this procedure.

If you want to learn about how to break in a Nokona Baseball glove easily, then we have you covered. Some of the best tips for doing this are as follows.

Tips for Breaking in a Nokona Baseball Glove:

These tips are the most effective and safe steps you can take to easily break in your Nokona Baseball glove. The methods are tried and true and will not damage your precious gloves.

1. Play Catch:

The best and foremost method for breaking in a new glove is to start using it. Playing catch is an effective method for getting the leather of the glove to conform to the contour of your hand. This is a foolproof method as it entails the least odds of damaging your glove or increasing unnecessary wear and tear. It is time-consuming though, so keep that in mind when you opt for it.

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2. Working the Hinges:

You will want to do this to stretch the pad fibers on the inner side of the glove. This will also soften up the leather and make the glove more comfortable to wear. To do this, hold the mitt with both hands on the left and right sides. Forcefully move your hands back and forth while holding the glove tight; act as if you are punching something. This will get the job done quite conveniently.

3. Glove Mallets:

You can also use a glove mallet to get the glove to fit properly for your hands and fingers. Purchase a glove mallet or make one by using an old baseball. Now, put the glove on your preferred hand, and hit the pocket of the glove with the mallet. This hitting with the mallet imitates the action of an actual baseball for breaking in your glove. That is because most of these mallets have a spherical head that mimics the shape of a softball or baseball. You can also opt to remove the glove from your hand and hit the mallet on its back to get the same results.

4. Conditioner for Baseball Gloves:

If you want to wing it and go for ease and comfort, then this is the option for you. There are many conditioners available on the market for softening up your Nokona baseball glove. These conditioners can’t get the process done completely on their own, but they do act as a catalyst. In addition to speeding up the break-in process, these conditioners also preserve your glove’s longevity. Only use small amounts on your glove, especially when it seems to be dried out.

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5. Glove Wraps:

There is another way of forming the pocket of your glove. Place a softball or baseball in your glove’s pocket. Then, tie up the ball and glove together with an old pair of shoelaces or a glove wrap. This method is also effective for keeping your glove’s shape intact whenever it isn’t being used. Give your glove the respect that it deserves; don’t leave it at the bottom of your bag. The more you care for it, the longer it will continue to serve you.

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What Not to Do:

Various other methods people have used can be profoundly detrimental to the life and integrity of your glove. Not only are they not as effective or advantageous as the ones mentioned above, but they can do more damage than good. That is why you should never attempt these practices to break in your Nokona baseball glove.

1. Steam:

Many brands advise steaming your baseball glove. While this might seem to be a clever technique to some, we certainly don’t advise this as it can cause the leather to break down. Steam shortens the lifespan of a baseball glove and eventually dries out the laces. So, no matter how rapidly you want results, never opt for this path for conditioning your Nokona Baseball glove.

2. Microwave or Oven:

All right, let’s get one thing straight; conventional and microwave ovens are for food and food only. Don’t use them to season your baseball glove. Some geniuses use these appliances for heating up and softening their glove’s leather but this can cause irrevocable damage to your glove’s structure and integrity. The glove dries out at an accelerated pace until it shrinks, and the laces begin to break down.

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3. Running the Glove Over:

Some experts claim running over your glove with a car can improve its grip and soften it up. Well, they are silly to think so. You have sprung for some major bucks in buying a glove. Are you going to subject it to such torture now? Believe us when we say that this won’t help in achieving the desired result in the least. All you will end up doing is breaking down the leather and irreversibly damaging your precious glove.

4. Leaving It in the Car:

A car gets hot on a blazing summer day. And voila, some of you have decided that leaving your glove in it will soften it up and make it more workable. Let us tell you that the principle is the same as putting it in a hot stove or oven. Leaving your glove in a car on a hot summer’s day will dry it out, make it brittle, and raise its susceptibility to irrevocable damage. So, don’t do it.

Things to Remember:

You have to remember that every glove is only as unique and special as the individual who wears it. Some methods might work well for one individual but not so well for another. Some gloves need more time than others for breaking in and so on. The point is, don’t get frustrated and go for the easiest path and fastest pace. Always, always keep the safety and life of your glove above everything else when you are attempting to break it in.

So, there you have it, the top tips for breaking in your Nokona baseball glove are presented above for your consideration and information. We hope that these tips will benefit you and allow you to attain your objective effectively.

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