Best baseball bags for high school [Top 10 for 2023]

If you are a high school baseball player, we can help you find the best baseball bags for your needs. There are many types of bags for baseball players, and it is not always easy to decide which one would be most suitable for you. We have compiled a list of the best baseball backpack for high school. So that you can choose the right one without having to spend too much time on it.

1. DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Backpack

Best baseball backpack for high school

The Demarini Voodoo Rebirth Softball & Baseball Backpack has a place for everything. This backpack features multi-contour shoulder straps and an integrated fence hook so you can securely leave your gear outside. The pack is equipped with a vented shoe compartment, fleece-lined cell phone pocket, and durable waterproof construction to protect your gear. 

This stunningly designed backpack also comes with padded air mesh on the back to keep you cool and comfortable. You can carry two bats perfectly. The bag offers extra storage in the form of side zippered pockets, which allows players to keep their belongings in organized compartments without worrying about crumpled hats and jerseys.


  • Plenty of room
  • The shoe compartment is big enough
  • Extremely comfortable to carry


  • The zipper quality should be improved.
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2. Rawlings R1000 Backpack

Best baseball backpack for high school

The Rawlings R1000 backpack is designed to deliver all of the gear you need for any practice or game, including integrated storage solutions that protect. With adjustable padded straps and a padded carrying handle for easy transportation. This bag also includes a compression-molded delivery that keeps everything secure. 

Inside, there’s plenty of storage available to meet your needs. Snugly fits up to two bats (baseball/Softball), batting gloves, cleats, helmets, and an additional pocket for whatever else you need. The structural components of the R1000 are designed to withstand the heavy-duty use of high school and college players.


  • Large main compartment
  • Can hold two bats
  • Daisy chain


  • Lose shape when hanged
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3. Athletico Advantage Baseball Bag

Best baseball backpack for high school

Are you looking for an advantage baseball backpack? Athletico Advantage is what you need. This is one of the best baseball backpacks for high school and college, with excellent storage. Now, it comes with an external helmet holder so you can easily put your helmet and gear after practice or a game.

There are exterior pockets to hold cleats and other gear while easily accessing your gloves and other accessories. Padded shoulder straps let you comfortably carry heavy loads without straining your back. A sleek design gives this bag a classic look that will go with any outfit. It’s a fashionable, streamlined design with plenty of storage and organization. These bags are ideal for high school players.


  • Excellent value
  • External helmet storage
  • Hold Up to four bats


  • Nothing much to dislike
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4. Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack Backpack

Best baseball backpack for high school

The Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack Series is the top-of-the-line bat bag from one of the most trusted baseball brands in the world. You won’t find more durability and customizable bat bag. Besides the obvious large main compartment and super-durable construction. It has pockets on every interior shelf.

There are four bat sleeves. This bag is made from durable polyester, and no matter how rough you are on it, there’s no cracking or breaking. The mesh shoulder straps provide great support and a specialized fit with comfort padding at the shoulders and waist. You’ll continue to experience improvements in performance as you use it more.


  • Interior shelf with pocket
  • Customizable
  • Large compartment
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  • High price
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5. Boombah Rolling Superpack Gear Bag

Best baseball backpack for high school

The Boombah Rolling Baseball Superpack is one of the best baseball equipment bags for both kids and youth players. This bag has all of the pockets, zippers, storage, and durability that you need to have a safe and well-organized journey to the field. Having two compartments on the front side of this bag allows you to locate your baseball equipment easily. 

You will be able to access your four baseball bat cages, bats, batting helmet, cleats, baseballs easily with pocket access from the outside of your bag or the inside of your bag with a simple zipper opening. The back panel of this bag can be fully opened, or it can be completely unzipped, allowing you to customize your needs as you travel to your next practice or game.


  • Durable zippers
  • Separate compartments
  • Heavy-duty nylon ripstop


  • A bit bulky
  • Not for Catchers
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6. Easton E110YBP Backpack

Best baseball backpack for high school

Easton baseball and softball backpacks are as functional as they are fashionable. This backpack gives you a great way to comfortably carry your baseball and softball gear. This Easton bag provides organized carrying for up to two bats, shoes, gloves, helmets, and accessories. 

The backpack offers a main compartment that fits a helmet and glove, zippered side sports nutrition pockets, and a front pocket for personal items. High-quality polyester material makes this durable, with plenty of storage in the main compartment to fit the helmet and glove. It is not as large and may not fit all your gear. Players can carry the bag over their shoulders, and back padding gives you comfortable carry.


  • Perfect for a Tball kid
  • Lasts all season and looks like new
  • Very good quality


  • Small But Handy
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7. MATEIN Baseball Backpack

Best baseball backpack for high school

MATEIN expertly blends in the latest technology with classic backpack style. Not only is this bag super strong, but it also has many added functionalities that are rare for sports bags, such as external shoe bags for cleats, a helmet compartment, sunglasses and a water bottle pocket. This backpack can carry all the equipment required for recreational players and teams at any level. 

It is made from ultra-lightweight and water-resistant oxford fabric and polyester. The backpack is super durable with metal zippers designed to last for years of use. You can find the most valuable feature big shoe compartment. A great deal of thought has gone into each detail for an easy, stress-free life.


  • Polyester Material
  • Special Shoe Compartment
  • Side Strap for Bats


  • Not so large
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8. Easton E700C Backpack

Best baseball backpack for high school

The Easton E700C catcher’s backpack is the only bag that players can take to the plate with and not have to worry about their equipment getting damaged. The Easton E700C catcher’s backpack comprises two large, full-length bat sleeves lined with protective polyester material. Both bat sleeves also include external straps with quick-release buckles that can be used for keeping catcher’s gloves or helmet secure. 

It also has a main compartment to organize equipment, plus a separate shoe compartment. The three separate external pouches provide room for personal items or any small equipment needed during the game. Easton backpacks offer great value and durability and are available in a wide range of colors and styles.


  • Wide compartments
  • Vented pockets
  • Lockable zippers


  • One-color only
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9. Mizuno Pro G2 Baseball Backpack

Best baseball backpack for high school

The Mizuno Pro G2 baseball backpack features a ventilated footwear storage compartment and a molded glove compartment. The large zippered main compartment will hold two bats, and up to four bats can be stored in the side compression netting. 

There is an insulated beverage pouch for water or a sports drink, as well as a towel sleeve that can be used to keep it cool all game long. In addition, there’s an integrated accessory pocket with space for your laptop. The Pro G2 is the most technically advanced gear bag on the market for those who are serious about their game.

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  • Four bat sleeves
  • Ventilated footwear


  • One Size
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10. DashSport Baseball Youth Bat pack

Best baseball backpack for high school

The DashSport Sport Bag Youth Backpack is the ultimate companion to any baseball enthusiast. They feature durable construction with a spacious design. This backpack allows you to carry all your gear and stay stylish while doing it. The wide bat/water bottle side mesh pockets give your baseball equipment the space they need to stay secure while allowing easy access to make sure you’re always ready for your next game.

Rain? Don’t sweat it! DashSport Sport Bag Youth Backpack is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain on your way home. Made of lightweight waterproof fabric and this baseball bag is fully padded with protective padding over all seams.


  • Polyester lining
  • Lightweight Fabric
  • Strong zippers


  • Not for hard user’s
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Buying guide for the best baseball bags for high school

Buyers should be aware if they’re buying a baseball backpack for High school. This is because getting the wrong backpack could prove to be very costly in terms of money and time, especially where a durable bag is needed. Below are some factors that one should consider when out for high school baseball backpack shopping.


There are many options to consider when choosing a baseball bag. You need to make sure that it is both large and small enough for your gear. The ideal size for high school athletes should be between 22 and 24 inches tall.

If your bag doesn’t have enough capacity for all of the items you need, then it is not an ideal choice for this type of bag. The amount each item will fit inside a baseball backpack depends on its size and shape.


A good design keeps your equipment secure and saves you the hassle of searching for items in a jumbled mess. A variety of weights can affect how a high school bag will hold everything inside, along with its shape, length/height etc. The best baseball backpack should be adjustable from top to bottom as well as side to side at the waistbelt area because they are designed to fit different person’s heights and body types more comfortably.


There are benefits and disadvantages of using a leather baseball backpack rather than one made of other materials. A good high school bag will be able to protect their belongings in all weather conditions, including wind, rain, snow but still hold onto the shape it took when you first got it. But Nylon is so popular for backpacks because of its durability.

However, there does not make enough color difference in the color. Polyester is a versatile, shiny, and lightweight material that you can choose. Because polyester holds unique textures and colors, you can get any color variation in a bag.


For high security of gear, there must be a stronger zipper. Metal zippers are stronger and more durable than others zippers. The zipper should also be pull-proof and watertight. Good zippers are long-lasting, low maintenance, quiet while opening or closing the bag and easy to clean. Otherwise, the zipper goes too hard and breaks or jams.


Some of the popular brands actually manufactured quality bags. They are Easton, DeMarini, Wilson, Rawlings, Louisville Slugger. However, companies like Athletico, Boombah and Franklin are not familiar with the baseball community, but they provide high-quality bags.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best baseball bags for high school?

Baseball backpacks often make it difficult for players to carry their personal electronic items such as cell phones, tablets, wallets, etc. The Demarini Voodoo Rebirth Softball/Baseball Backpack has fleece-lined side pockets, a vented shoe compartment, bat compartment, so you can store and carry everything in one place.

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The pretty durable backpack offers extra storage inside zippered pockets. So that we recommend you buy the best bag for the high school level. By the way, if you want some extra features and more pockets, then you can choose Athletico Advantage Baseball Bag. You can also call this equipment bag.

What type of zipper is the best for backpacks?

The best zipper for backpacks is a coil zipper. Coil zippers are most commonly found on children’s clothing, as they stand up well against wear and tear while also being easy to clean. A coiled zipper allows you to zip without the metal pieces clipping each other, causing an unintentional unzipping of your bag. In addition, coil zippers are also easy to use, which is an important factor when purchasing a bag.

Should I get a youth, junior, or senior-sized baseball bag?

A youth-size bag is most appropriate for players at the early stages of development. Sometimes these bags can be perfect for an older player. A youth-sized bag is better suited for someone in high school or college. At the same time, a senior-sized bag is perfect for adults who have been playing for a long time.

Which is better for you: backpack or shoulder bag?

A backpack is better because they have more space and are much easier to carry. A backpack should fit comfortably with enough room for your baseball bats, baseball glove, goggles, sunglasses and other equipment you need while playing the sport because there won’t be a lot of extra pockets to keep track of things when in use. So a shoulder bag isn’t as convenient as a backpack.

Some different types of baseball bags

There are different types of baseball bags that you can buy. You need to know what to find when buying a baseball bag. Here is some useful information about these special bags for high school.

Shoulder tote baseball bags

The shoulder tote is the most popular type of carrying for baseball and softball players. It is designed to be carried on one shoulder with a strap that crosses the chest. The shoulder tote is used as a convenient way to carry items needed during practice or play, such as baseball bats, footballs and helmets.

Handheld baseball bags

Handheld bags are designed to give players the best way of carrying important items while they’re on the field. If you have too much equipment in your bag, you could sometimes feel pain in your hand. If you have some basic equipment, I recommend that this bag is perfect for you.

Wheeled baseball bags

This bag has been made with a strong material that doesn’t rust in wet weather, which means it can be used outside to play on rainy days. The wheels make the loading easier when you have a lot of equipment. But sometimes wheeled is not good for the dumpy road.

Bat pack 

Bat pack focused on holding some baseball bat. Bat pack is best for kids and high school. If you are a beginner and recently started your baseball varied, it’s not so bad an idea for you. But if you want to carry other equipment, you can choose a shoulder bag or wheeled bag. However, bat bag is the best for little league.


A baseball backpack is a great way to carry all of your equipment and supplies for the day. It also allows you to easily transport your gear from one practice or game to another. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best backpacks for high school baseball players to help you find the right one for you. We’ve included some of the most popular bags on the market so you can make an informed decision before purchasing one. 


  1. Very thoughtful review! I heard some positive reviews about DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Backpack. Before buying this product I want to ask for better ensure, does this bag have a helmet holder? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing for a good piece of review! Just want to ensure about DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Backpack. What are the dimensions? I can’t find the dimensions anywhere.

    1. I’m not sure of the dimensions, however this bag fits two pairs of cleats in the front space, two gloves, a face mask in the main area with plenty of room! I love this bag!

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