Demarini Voodoo Og Backpack USA


A backpack is a must-have accessory these days. It is used to carry the necessary things during frequent outings or academic jobs. The backpack has become an essential part of regular workouts with its increased use.

Given that all these find a place on a normal day, it is wise to have a practical backpack that can be used for both of them. The DeMarini voodoo OG backpack review will help you narrow down your choices and pick out the essential features that were important enough to be considered by people.

If you are looking for a super durable backpack that has tons of storage space and is comfortable to wear, the Voodoo OG is the perfect backpack for you. This backpack is made by Demarini, well-known for producing high-quality products.

DeMarini Voodoo OG Backpack: Special Feature

  • Large compartment
  • Mesh water bottle slot
  • Fleece-lined 
  • Breathable shoe compartment
  • Water-resistant bottom Padded
  • Removable decoration panel


Among the best backpacks for baseball, the Demarini Voodoo is most preferred. This bag is enormous, has a lot of space for stuff, and also comes in one color to choose from.

It can hold up to 2 bats along with its ventilated shoe compartment. The Fence hook on the backpack also allows you to hang it on the fence, making it very easy to carry when you are not using it.


The bag has only one color, which is Black with Brown. The shoulder straps are adjustable but not too tight, making using this bagless painful.

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However, they do work quite well at distributing weight evenly through the backpack so that it is easier on your back when carrying extra items around with yourself day long.


One of the best features is a separate compartment for shoes and clothes. You won’t have to worry about your dirty cleats stinking up your car or locker room anymore.

There is a breathable mesh bottom in the shoe compartment that gets rid of all fungus sweat from your cleats and shoes. The main pocket of this backpack contains large pockets for most of your stuff to fit in it.

You can easily organize materials inside as per their shape so that they are easy to find when needed or want them out again if they don’t get used often. For example, phone sleeves reduce the size and enable much easier accessibility whenever required.


The primary material of the backpack is polyester and has a very simple design which means that it won’t take up much space in your already cramped locker room.

The straps are made with high-quality neoprene, making them comfortable to carry around while also durable enough to use this bag without worrying about breaking anything.

The materials that do not leave stains on clothes when it gets wet. It also has a water-resistant bottom for additional protection from the elements and spills whenever needed.

Size and Weight

The DeMarini Voodoo Og Backpack weighs approximately 1.09 Kilograms which is convenient for everyday use.

Size of the main compartment: ‎21 x 15 x 3 inches. So, it’s large enough to carry all of your gear along with the cleats, bat sleeves, and neoprene straps.

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The best users

The DeMarini Voodoo Og Backpack is perfect for all youth and high school players, as well as those looking to dump their bat cleats. In addition to just being a backpack for baseball equipment, it can also be used by other outdoor sports such as hockey, basketball, or softball.

So you have plenty of options when choosing which gear best fits your needs and style. The large compartment of the backpack can be opened up at any time for quick access to your essential belongings when needed most.


The warranty of your backpack depends on the brand DeMarini provides and when you purchased it. It’s ensured a 1-year limited warranty for defects in materials and quality.

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The DeMarini Voodoo Og Backpack is an excellent choice for baseball players as it comes with enough space in the main compartment to help you take your game wherever you go. It also fits comfortably and provides additional protection from whatever sports weather brings its way.

So you can make your purchase decision. It should be a perfect deal in this price range.

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