What Is The Best Baseball Helmet With Jaw Guard?


The baseball helmet is intended to provide protection for the head and face and prevent or reduce serious injuries. A baseball helmet with a jaw guard provides some of the highest levels of protection to the head. The helmets are equipped with a wide range of essential protective equipment, which will protect the neck, jaw, ear, and other skull parts in a dangerous situation.

A good jaw guard is an important piece of a sportsman’s protective gear. We have created this review of the best baseball helmet with jaw guard to help you understand better what this item lets you do and what type of helmets are worth adding a jaw guard to.

What is a jaw guard?

Jaw guards are a type of padding that can be placed on the inside of your helmet. The purpose is to provide extra protection for the jaw during collisions with a ball. 

Helmet jaw guards are made from plastic or foam and usually have a hard shell. They can be attached to your helmet with Velcro straps or velcro-like pads that go around the top rim of your helmet. 

You can also use clamps that go around the top of your helmet. Jaw guards are designed to be removable and replaceable, but they can also be used as an alternative way to protect your face during collisions.


Why do you need a helmet with a jaw guard?

There are a lot of reasons to consider getting a helmet with jaw guards. One of the most common reasons is that they can help protect your face during collisions. 

If you wear a helmet without jaw guards, then you know how it feels when a ball hits the side of your helmet with their shoulder or elbow. 

If you’re not wearing a helmet with jaw guards, then your face can be exposed to the full force of the impact, and it could potentially cause some severe damage.

Best Baseball Helmet With Jaw Guard

1. EASTON Z5 2.0 Batting Helmet

The Z5 2.0 Matte Helmet with Universal Jaw Guard will boost your confidence at the plate. The best baseball helmet with Jaw Guard protects the batter on the side of the helmet facing the pitcher, adding more coverage to the streamlined Z5 2.0.

The jaw guard’s universal design allows the user to add extra protection to either the left or right side of the helmet. This provides the player with more flexibility and options, perfecting switch hitters or teammates who share the helmet.

The Z5 2.0 also has a BioDri cushioned lining to assist control moisture, as well as wrapped ear cushions for durability and comfort. This Matte Rigid featuring Universal Jaw Guard is a verified version that meets the Nocsae standard for any level of the sport.


  • Earpads are wrapped for added comfort and durability.
  • The BioDri cushioned inner layer absorbs moisture.
  • Shock absorption and comfort are provided with a dual-density foam lining.
  • ABS shell with high impact resistance for optimal protection.
  • Additional coverage on the pitcher’s edge of the helmet.


  • There are no wheels on the case.
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2. CHAMPRO Hx Legend Plus Helmet

Best Baseball Helmet With Jaw Guard

With the HX Legend Plus Batting Helmet, CHAMPRO is creating a new benchmark. The HX batting helmet line is a unique CHAMPRO design that enhances airflow & visibility.

Hitters may maintain a cool head at the plate by releasing heat through vent holes. The lightweight shell with impact foam provides both comfort and protection. The jaw pads are wrapped in soft-touch moisture-wicking cotton for further protection and comfort.

On hot days, a moisture-wicking pad liner from DRI-GEAR keeps batters cool at the plate, and the Bio-Fresh treatment gives an additional layer of freshness protection. Available in six color schemes with a matte finish in both Senior like 7 to 71/2 years of age and Junior like 6 1/2-7 years of age in sizes. 


  • It allows for maximum ventilation and view.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric with a smooth touch.
  • It offers exceptional security and comfort.
  • On hot days, it helps to keep batters cool and dry.
  • The Bio-Fresh treatment adds another layer of freshness protection.


  • A jaw guard protects only one side of the jaw.
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3. CHAMPRO HX Gamer Plus Helmet

Best Baseball Helmet With Jaw Guard

The best baseball helmet with a jaw guard features a CHAMPRO design that improves airflow and visibility. By expelling heat through vent holes, batters may keep their heads cool at the plate. The lightweight shell provides comfort and protection with impact foam.

For further protection and comfort, the jaw pads are encased in soft-touch moisture-wicking cotton. The accompanying jaw guard may be attached to either the right or left side according to the patent-pending Double Lock System.

You may attach it with the supplied screws for more security and then detach them to shift the guard to the opposite direction. DRI-moisture-wicking GEAR’s pad lining protects batters cool just at the plate on hot days, as well as the Bio-Fresh treatment adds an extra layer of quality retention.


  • It provides optimum airflow and visibility.
  • Fabric that wicks moisture and is soft to the touch.
  • It provides a high degree of protection and convenience.
  • It helps keep batters cool and dry on hot days.
  • The Bio-Fresh procedure provides an additional layer of freshness preservation.


  • Only one side of the jaw has protected by the jaw guard.
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4. Easton PRO X Baseball Batting Helmet

Best Baseball Helmet With Jaw Guard

With three layers of energy-absorbing foam, the all-new Multi-Density Protection (MDP) technology helps players deal with the different speeds of impact they face in-game scenarios.

This season, the Pro XTM Helmet boasts excellent materials from the inside-out to stand tall inside the batter’s box boldly. It is equipped with this technology to optimize impact resistance and overall comfort.

This Junior model is intended for exceptional protection without sacrificing visibility while you concentrate on approaching pitches due to an integrated jaw guard for maximum coverage.


  • The ABS thermoplastic shell provides impact resistance without increasing weight.
  • For optimum impact resistance, Multi-Density Protection employs three layers of foam.
  • Strategically placed ventilation holes maximize airflow to keep your head cool.
  • For maximum protection, it creates a barrier around the head.
  • For further safety, the extended jaw guard flap provides additional coverage along the side.


  • There is no top foam pad on the helmet.
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5. MACH Matte Batting Helmets

Best Baseball Helmet With Jaw Guard

This best baseball helmet with jaw guard extension is connected to the side of the pitcher’s helmet that gives additional protection and coverage to the jaw and face without obstructing your field of vision.

The robust ABS plastic shell of this Helmet with Outgrowth offers optimum ventilation to maintain you comfy at the plate as well as on the foundations. Protective padding on the helmet’s interior ensures a secure fit while absorbing and dispersing force to keep you safe. For ultimate coverage, the inside IMPAX cushioning absorbs and disperses ball impact.

It features a connected EXT flap that adds more coverage to your face without obstructing your vision. For a smooth look, the TPU rubber piece covers EXT hardware. It’s available for left-handed and right-handed hitters, and the front logo may have been removed for team personalization.


  • It Ensures you a pleasant at the plate and on the bases, there is appropriate ventilation.
  • It protects you by absorbing and dispersing power.
  • Ensures that your jaw and face are well-protected and covered.
  • For maximum protection, it forms a barrier around the head.
  • Allows batters to enter the box with confidence in any circumstances.


  • The helmet has thinner pads than others.
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How to choose the best baseball helmet with a jaw guard

When you buy a helmet with a jaw guard, you must ensure that it fits your head. The best baseball helmet with a jaw guard will fit comfortably and securely without causing irritation or headaches, following some tips for choosing the best baseball helmet with a jaw guard.

The quality of the padding: The padding on the inside of the helmet is essential. The softness and thickness of this padding will significantly affect how comfortable you are while playing baseball. Also, if your helmet has too much padding, it can get in the way of hitting or throwing a ball which could cause injuries to your head and neck.

Size: The size of the shell on a baseball helmet is essential because it will determine how well it fits your head. When you buy a baseball helmet with a jaw guard, make sure that the shell is not too small or big for your head. Here is the chart of helmet size.

Durability: Your helmet should be durable enough to withstand a lot of hard play. The best baseball helmet with jaw guard is essential for this reason. It will help you keep your head protected from injuries if it does not break down easily.

Ventilation: Baseball helmets have many vents and openings to allow air in and out of the helmet. It will help if you are looking for a baseball helmet with a jaw guard that has good ventilation because it will help keep your head cool when playing hard.

Protection: The best baseball helmet with jaw guard is essential for safety, especially for a pitcher. You have to make sure your helmet with good protection from the inside and outside of the head. 

Weight: If you play baseball, your body will get exhausted after playing for a long time. The best baseball helmet with a jaw guard is essential because it can help keep your head from getting too tired.

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How to taking care of a baseball helmet

As with any sports equipment, it is essential to take care of your baseball helmet. It will help you keep it protected and functional for a long time. The following are some tips on how to take care of your baseball helmet:

Dirt accumulates on the surface of your baseball helmet because it is in contact with your skin. It is essential to clean this area so that you can keep it protected from dirt and germs.

If there are some cracks or tears on the inside of your baseball helmet, you should wash with warm water and mild soap. It will keep the interior of your helmet clean so that you can use it again.

Dirt collects on the surface of your baseball helmet because it is in contact with your skin. You should remove this dirt from the inside so that you can keep it clean.

When your baseball helmet gets too dirty, you should take care of it as soon as possible. It will help prevent dirt from accumulating on the surface of your helmet.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is there a difference between cheap and expensive helmets?

There is a difference between expensive helmets and cheap ones. The expensive helmets are made with durable materials like Schuberth, Bell, and Arai.

Professional baseball players often use them because they provide adequate protection for the entire head, but they can be very costly. The cheaper helmets are made from more inexpensive materials like plastic, but they’re usually much less expensive.

Why Should you use a baseball helmet with a jaw guard?

Baseball is a sport that requires you to wear a helmet. In playing baseball, if you do not have a jaw guard on your helmet, it can be hazardous.

You may hit your head or teeth on the fence when batting. You can save your money. Because if you have a helmet without a jaw guard, then you have to buy another jaw guard. But if you buy a helmet with a jaw guard, you do not need to purchase extra.

What is the best baseball helmet with a jaw guard?

There are many different brands of baseball helmets on the market today. However, there must be only a few that you should consider buying. But we recommend you buy the best one. EASTON Z5 2.0 batting helmets are some of the top brands of the best helmets with jaw guards.


Have you ever been hit by a baseball? If so, you know how painful it can be. That’s why helmets with jaw guards are now a must-have accessory for baseball players. These helmets protect your face from the impact of the ball and prevent the ball from going through a hole in your helmet.

It is essential to buy a good-quality helmet and use it every time you play baseball because there are many dangerous situations during which your head can get hit by balls or other objects.

If you buy a good-quality helmet, there will be no chance of injury in case of an accident, but if you want to know more about how good these helmets are, you can check out our list.

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