Why Do So Many Baseball Players Wear Their Sunglasses Upside Down?

This way of wearing sunglasses is certainly odd. However, this question does not just raise the subject of why baseball players wear their sunglasses upside down only.

You may also wonder why they have to wear glasses in the first place. Are they really necessary? If they are, are they legal? And what kind of glasses do baseball players like to wear? Read on to the end to get answers to these and other related questions.

This article discusses everything you need to know about sunglasses in the baseball world. It explores intriguing facts about sunglasses and baseball.

Essentially, it will answer almost all questions regarding sunglasses and baseball you might have. So read on for insights as we dive right in.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Sunglasses?

To baseball players, shades are an essential piece of equipment. There are multiple reasons why they are essential and why baseball players wear them during the game.

But the main reasons are they offer protection against UV rays from the sun, and they reduce the effect of light on the eyes.

Sunglasses also boost a player’s performance by enhancing color and contrast, thus increasing clarity. As a result, players can efficiently track the pitch and baseball.

Additionally, as these glasses are anti-reflective, they reduce unnecessary glare while still offering clear vision. Thus, the player can focus on the ball most effectively. Other reasons include protecting the eyes from physical injuries, dirt, and dust.

Are Sunglasses Allowed in Baseball?

Yes, sunglasses are allowed in baseball. Notably, there are no rules that address the wearing of sunglasses on the baseball field. However, according to the baseball NFHS rules, players should not wear reflective equipment that could distract their opponents.

Although the rules do not specifically mention sunglasses, these can be categorized as face protection, which should not be reflective.

Therefore, players should wear anti-reflecting glasses only; note that the umpire may ask a player to remove their sunglasses if they are reflective.

In addition, it is worth noting that players, more specifically pitchers, may not be allowed to wear dark sunglasses because the umpire and batter should be able to see the pitcher’s eyes.

What Kind of Glasses Do Baseball Players Wear?

Notably, baseball players do not wear ordinary sunglasses. Although conventional glasses are not prohibited, players prefer sport-specific sunglasses.

These sunglasses, designed especially for individual sports, are lightweight, rigid, and scratch-resistant. Also, they usually have wraparound stems that prevent them from moving or falling.

Usually, baseball glasses utilize poly-carbonate lenses, which are more solid than conventional glasses. The lens can be polarized or clear depending on the player’s preferences. Still, it is worth noting that most players prefer prescribed glasses to minimize reactivity and eye injury.

What Prescription Glasses Do Baseball Players Wear?

Different baseball players wear various prescription glasses. Unlike standard sunglasses, prescription sunglasses are customized to fit a specific player’s vision.

Various tests are done on an individual’s eyes to determine the suitable kind of lens. Prescription glasses are usually designed professionally, to offer up to 90% eye protection and improved visual acuity. They have medical characteristics, and so they cannot be shared.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Clear Glasses?

Players, most usually pitchers, may be forbidden to wear dark sunglasses. Thus, they choose to wear clear glasses, as they meet requirements and still offer eye protection.

Additionally, the glasses provide clearer vision. They do not influence visibility as dark sunglasses do; therefore, players can easily track the activity in the game, making these ideal and highly recommended protective equipment.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Their Sunglasses Upside Down?

There are many reasons why baseball players wear sunglasses. But why do players wear their sunglasses backward or upside down?

This question remains a puzzle to many. Essentially, there is no particular reason behind wearing glasses that way.

Typically, different players wear sunglasses upside down for a variety of reasons, so the answer to why sunglasses are worn upside down lies in the wearer’s preference. The most common cause, however, is that it makes them look cool and fashionable.

Regarding wearing glasses either facing back or on the forehead, people put them there to hold them close and secure. Usually, players put them on their heads when they do not need them but want them handy. It is one of the ways to keep them safe instead of putting them in a pocket.

Does Putting Sunglasses on Your Head Stretch Them?

Wearing sunglasses on top of baseball caps or on the forehead almost certainly stretches them. However, stretching or not stretching depends on the shape of your head and the construction of the glasses’ frame. Notably, the forehead is naturally wider than the eye area, so it is most likely the sunglasses would stretch out over time when worn there.

How Do You Wear Sunglasses on Top of a Hat?

If you want to wear sunglasses on top of a hat, you might have to buy glasses with a relatively oversized frame. But keep in mind that proper fit is paramount.

Therefore, ensure you buy shades that correspond with your hat size—not too wide or too small. Note that the glasses might flex if the hat is too big. Also, you will need to tilt the hat to the back of your head to keep the glasses secure.

Why Is It Considered Rude to Wear Sunglasses Inside?

Wearing sunglasses indoors might show disrespect and disinterest, especially when done in a formal setting. In addition to that, wearing sunglasses indoors displays affectation. It indicates that the wearer is hiding something—guilt, deformity, or an awkward and pretentious demeanor.


Sport-specific glasses come in handy for protecting players against eye injuries and other effects of sun and dust. Typically, these glasses protect the eyes from UV and other harmful sun rays and dirt. They are also vital for enhancing performance by improving visual acuity.

However, if you are sensitive or have eye problems, it is recommended that you get prescription glasses. Interestingly, there are dozens of brands that manufacture sports glasses, so getting prescription sports glasses is not stressful.


What are the pros of using sunglasses in baseball?

# Enhanced color and contrast, thus a boost in clarity
# Protection against sun and dust damage
# Enhanced performance

What are alternative options for baseball players who do not wear sunglasses?

# Eye black
# Contact lenses

Is eye black better than sunglasses?

No. Eye black is not as effective as wearing sunglasses. Unlike eye black, baseball sunglasses not only prevent sun and light effects but also offer protection against dust and debris. They are rigid and anti-impact, so they offer additional protection against physical injuries.

What are the top five baseball sunglasses brands?

1. Oakley
2. Under Armour
3. Easton
4. Nike
5. Deduma

How are glasses worn with cycling helmets?

Unlike with a baseball helmet, the glasses’ arms should be over a cycling helmet’s straps. However, the arms can go under the helmet straps for prescription glasses to ensure their safety and prevent stretching them. Also, sunglasses with wraparound or thin temples can be worn under the helmet strap.

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