Why Do Baseball Players Tape Their Wrists?

Do you love baseball? Well, I’m sure you do and being a baseball fan is something else for people like us. Different small details fascinate us when we love any player.

Do you ever wonder why do baseball players tape their wrists? I have seen it many times and wanted to know its reason but didn’t ever really see something strong about that.

I recently learned something interesting about taping the wrists during a baseball game. I thought it would be great if I could write all those information and share it with people like me who search to know and end up nowhere. Without further ado, let’s start digging into the reasons.

Why Do Baseball Players Tape Their Wrists?

The main reason baseball players tape their wrists is for additional support. An additional wrist support can prevent sprains, dislocations, and fractures. Players wear wrist tape when trying to look cool, getting well from injuries, and because they’re superstitious.

To learn and know more about why baseball players tape their wrists and how to help a tape make players cool and provide several advantages, I encourage you to read on.

To Minimize Injuries

If players cannot catch the ball properly, wrist injuries start—the performance goes down slowly. Once there is some strain in the wrist, it becomes worst for a batter.

When a player wears the wrist in a 1-inch strip just under the forearm, it helps to keep the ball much solid for the batter. When a batter hits the ball and swings the bat, the wrists receive the pressure.

That pressure or the pain can be dangerous for a player to fall on injuries. Players tape their wrists to having safe and hit well without the fear of the injuries.

To Recover from Injuries

Although the wrist tape does not directly cure ligament issues or major hand injuries, it does help to recover quickly from the injury.

If players have already suffered an injury, the tape can save the players from more damage to the wrist. That allows the baseball players maximum time to ease into playing again until players feel comfortable without using the tape.

However, if players want to wear tape during a fracture or tear, they should discuss it with the physio or consult a medical professional. Sometimes, the injury requires free wrist movement, and the tape might limit the movement.

Provide Additional Supports

Wrist tape provides additional support for players without hindering movement. Players might tape up their wrists for several reasons. One of the main advantages of wearing wrist tape is that it helps cushion falls.

When a player falls to the ground or falls for some reason while playing, the player first seeks to protect himself from being caught by the hand.

And then the wrist needs a lot of strength, and you have to keep your hands well on the ground to protect yourself from falling. At that time, the tape supports were not sprained, dislocated, or even broken wrists.

Bad things can happen in a baseball game if a fastball hits an unprotected wrist. Added support at the plate can also make players confident, knowing they are more likely to be okay if they get hit.

Besides these, many players tape their wrists on their glove hands to get some additional support and reduce the effect of catching hard-hit fastballs.

To Covered Jewellery

Some players prefer to wear wristbands to hide or cover their bracelets or other jewelry because players are not granted to wear strappings or defeats through almost professional competitions.

 Any professional baseball competition did not allow to wear jewelry.

Some players wear a bracelet for their religious issues, or some wear it as their hobby. But such a bracelet or ornament may harm players during the game. So the tape made of cotton cloth is read on the wrist to be safe from such injuries.

To Show Esthetics and Professionalism

Although baseball players tape their wrists to avoid injury or reduce pain or something else, some do. After wearing the tape, some players get new courage and confidence to win the game. It may seem superstitious to you, but many ploys see it as a symbol of their excellent play.

For a long time, the use of tape in baseball has made it like professionalism for new players. Also, if you read the wrist tape, it looks very cool and handsome. Players tape their wrists to express a kind of external aesthetic beauty.


Baseball players need to wear wrist tape to be safe from injuries, reduce injury possibility, prevent injury, and get back lost energy.

Whether players want to look cool or express their aesthetic beauty, wrist tops are really important for a baseball player. Hopefully, you understand that in the discussion above.

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