Top 5 Best Composite Wood Baseball Bats: Top Selection

Composite wood bats are a category of bats that have a wooden part reinforced with composite plastic. These bats are popularly used in BBCOR leagues as they are usually more durable than wood but are lighter than aluminum. They are effective in reducing vibration and therefore, prevent hand sting.

Since they are not made from a single aluminum piece, composite wooden bats aren’t allowed to be for professionals. However, they are commonly used in high schools and college leagues. They are popular because these best wood composite baseball bats deliver greater offensive performance due to their carbon fiber material.

Composite bats are made of carbon fibers and therefore, have less density as compared to alloys. But just like aluminum bats are made of different kinds of metals, composite bats are made of different types of composite materials.  Due to their wide range of materials, it is important to understand how to choose the best choice.

Fortunately, we have researched the best options out there and through you our top choices. But before we bring the review, here is a table that compares them against one another.

At a Glance: Composite Wood Baseball Bat

Comparison table OF Composite Wood Baseball Bat

Our review of the best composite wood baseball bats

After a lot of research, we can say that these are the best composite wood baseball bats.

1. Marucci AP5 Pro Model Maple Wood Baseball Bat – Best overall baseball bat

One of the companies that have made a name in the manufacture of quality baseball bats is Marucci. Their AP5Pro bat isn’t an exception as it has an explosive barrel that’s perfect for heavy smashing.

This composite wood baseball bat was designed for former All-Star and  National League MVP, Albert Pujol. It is handcrafted using the best quality maple wood. It’s also made with a bone rugging technique that closes pores and makes the wood feel harder.

 The baseball bat also has a handle and knob that ensures superior bat control while providing it with an end-loaded feel.

It features a tapered barrel that makes the barrel’s weight to be evenly distributed throughout the bat. This provides the hitters with better control of the swing from the load to the zone. This makes it a great choice for hitters looking for a balanced feel when swinging a large barrel. It is also the perfect choice for power hitters.

This baseball bat comes with a warranty of 30 days. You can customize it to your desired finish or color.  With this composite wood baseball bat, you will be swinging like a professional.


  • Balanced swing weight
  • Tapered handle doesn’t sting
  • Large barrel
  • Drop weight of -3
  • Sturdily made
  • Warranty of 90 days
  • Apprvoed by NCAA, and NCAA


The Marucci AP5 is combine performance and durability with a great look and feel in its hybrid design. The exterior is made from a 100% hard maple that provides it with a traditional feel. The inner tube is made of a two-piece composite that enhances its performance.

Its large barrel makes it the perfect choice for heavy-hitting. The wood barrel provides it with a fungo feel making it the perfect choice for drills. This makes it the best wood composite baseball bat.

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2. DeMarini 2022 Corndog Slowpitch Softball Bat– Best runners up a baseball bat

The DeMarini 2022 Corndog Wood Composite Slowpitch softball bat features a barrel that combines composite with DeMarini’s Paradox. The wooden barrel and composite design provide players with a solid feel. The result is a strong and durable hitting surface suitable for heavy hitters.

This also makes it possible for the manufacturer to create a thinner wall as compared to the traditional wooden bat. Thinner walls are a great choice for creating a trampoline effect that provides more pop on contact.

The bat’s handle is made of the SC4 Alloy which provides it with a durable handle. This also ensures that the weight remains in the barrel resulting in better swing weights.

The composite wood baseball bat features a ring-free barrel technology that improves its performance.  It has a large sweet spot that will enable you to hit the ball far away without compromising on speed and control.

The wood composite bat light has the standard 2 ¼” barrel and an end-loaded swing weighting. This ensures that it packs a punch even in cold weather. At the same time, it is flexible enough to meet different players’ needs. T

The maple design makes it a strong and durable option. The baseball bat hAs been approved by USSA, ASA, ISA, ISF, and NSA.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Sturdily-made
  • Has no sting
  • Meets USSA standards
  • Provides maximum pop


  • A bit expensive
  • Only available in a length of 34”

This DeMarini 2022 Corndog Wood Composite Slowpitch bat has a vibration-dampening technology that removes any vibration. This provides the bat with a good grip and feel. You don’t have to worry about stinging when you hit the ball. 

Overall, this is a good quality baseball that will provide you with consistent performance, durability, and a great feel. It comes with a warranty of 90 days. It is therefore among the best composite wood bats.

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3. DeMarini Fungodelic Pro Maple Wood Composite Fungo Bat- Best sturdily made composite wood bat

Another great baseball bat that will serve you well is the DeMarini Fungodelic Pro Maple Wood Composite Fungo Bat. The bat has a composite frame and a wide barrel making it strong. It has a size of 35 inches. It’s lightweight as it weighs 22 ounces only providing players with a great grip.

This is one of the best composite wood baseball bats as it provides players with a comfortable feel when they hit the ball with the wooden barrel. It is end-loaded with a swing weight that produces more power and pop when it gets into contact with the barrel. This can be a great thing for coaches as they can easily hit the ground ball as well as fly balls.


  • Made of a sturdy composite
  • End loaded
  • Great pop
  • Tapered handle


  • Doesn’t sound very nice
  • Few color options

The DeMarini Fungodelic Pro Maple Wood Composite Fungo Bat provides players with unmatched durability. It’s a great choice for coaches, parents, and newbie players.

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4. DeMarini 2018 D110 Pro Maple Wood Composite Baseball Bat- Best baseball bat for balanced swing

The  DeMarini 2018 D110 Pro Maple Wood Composite Baseball Bat has a barrel made of maple wood material. This is combined with a composite handle to provide an optimum swing weight. Besides, the handle and barrel provide the bat with a little amount of flex something that is not common in maple bats.

The composite handle features a synthetic finish that helps improve the grip and feel. The D110 is a good choice for those searching for an extremely balanced bat. This is because of its medium-sized wall. Combined with a single wall barrel, the baseball bat achieves a drop weight of -3.

 The material used to make the composite wood bbcor bats also improves the bat speed, providing more power for the hitter. The model is approved by the BBCOR. It has a bright orange color that makes it visible in the green grass.

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  • Balanced swing weight
  • BBCOR approved
  • Comes with a warranty of one year
  • Affordable


  • Unsuitable for use by professionals

With its good balance, the DeMarini 2018 D110 Pro Maple Wood Composite Baseball Bat is easier to make a quick swing. The ball will explode off the barrel enabling you to take control of your infield and off-field play. It’s therefore, among the great composite wood bats.

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5. Rawlings R114CF-36/20 Wood Composite Fungo (-16) best composite wood bat for a great pop

If you need the best composite wood baseball bat that can withstand daily use, you should consider the Rawlings R114CF wood composite fungo bat.  It’s made of bamboo and maple providing it with extra strength and durability. This makes a good choice for infield and outfield use and enables it to have great pop on contact.

The best-end loaded wood composite bat has a length of 36 inches with a thin 2 ¼ inch barrel. It’s an ultra-lightweight bat as it weighs 20 oz. This ensures that it has a well-balanced swing weight to provide players with better accuracy and control. The bat has a drop weight of -16 allowing players to easily practice pop flies and grounders.


  • Great pop
  • Lightweight  and durable
  • Rounded end
  • Provides players with better control


  • Wrong sizing information

The barrel of this best composite wood baseball bat is tough and lightweight enabling it to last the whole season. It has a barrel that has a rolled end to provide it with great pop.  It also features a standard knob that will fit perfectly in the user’s hand.

The Rawlings R114CF wood composite fungo bat is a good choice for all players searching for a sturdily-made unit that will last all season. It’s especially good for parents and coaches as it’s lightweight and easy to control.

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Factors to consider when choosing the best composite wood baseball bats

Here are the key considerations to make before buying a composite wood baseball bat.

Level of experience

If you are new to composite wood bats you will need a composite baseball bat that is easy to control. We advise that you choose a lighter wooden bat whose weight is evenly distributed. This will provide the optimal condition for you to hit the ball.

But if you have ample experience, you should go for a heavier bat that will provide you with more hitting power. It’s also advisable to go with the end-loaded.


The bigger the barrel of the best composite wood baseball bats the better it will be for power hitters. On the other hand, small barrel bats are a great choice for the constant hitters. The reason for this is that a large barrel translates into more the end weight, providing it with more pop. However, a larger barrel is also difficult to swing.

We advise that you go for a wood bat that has a thicker handle and a cupped end to help distribute the weight further. This will help balance the weight making the big barrel bat easier to swing.


The standard knob consists of a disc below the handle that provides the user with a solid grip. This will ensure that it doesn’t fly out of your hand when swinging.  Its main downside is that it can sting. You may want to consider a tapered knob as it feels more natural in the hands.


Most standard bats have a round handle that is thinner near the knob. The downside of this design is that it’s not a great choice when gripped in the hands.  It also requires more effort to squeeze the bat well. It’s for this reason that there is an increase in the popularity of axe handles. These have an oval shape that will match the shape of your hands when they bend.

The handle has a straight backside that isn’t tapered providing maximum comfort when held in the hand. These take less effort to hold and players can put more energy into their swing.

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When the best composite wood baseball bats are lighter, they will get on the ball fast and easily. The weight should be evenly distributed throughout the wood. This will ensure a smooth and crisp contact. Power hitters should go with a maple wood bat. When there is more weight towards the end of the barrel, more momentum will be created at the sweet spot.


Wood baseball bats have two certifications. These are ink-dot and BBCOR. The goal of BBCOR is to protect the pitcher’s safety.  It measures the bat’s trampoline effect. It is then certified if it has an effect of less than 0.50. Most of the composite wood bats are usually lower than .50.


This is a key consideration. Most adult bats have a length of 30 to 36 inches. But most players prefer a maximum of 34 inches. The choice you go for will depend on your height and weight. You may also want to consider the BBCOR guidelines. You can look at their bat chart to determine your length.

FAQs on the best composite wood baseball bat

Here are the frequently asked questions on the best composite wood baseball bats.

What’s a composite wood bat?

These are bat category that has a wooden par reinforced with a composite (plastic )part. The wooden part may be a whole wooden strip or may be made of sawdust shaved together. The composite bats can be made of a wider range of wood such as maple, ash, or birch.

Who is the composite wood bat suitable for?

The composite wood bat is allowed in certain wood bat leagues. This bat is also a good choice for people who need a bat that will deliver a good feel and performance.

What is the best wood composite baseball bat?

If you are wondering what the best wood composite baseball bat is, we recommend the Marucci AP5 Pro Model Maple Wood Baseball Bat.

What size of composite wood bat should you choose?

The size of bat you choose will depend on your personal preference. No matter your desired length, you can get a good length. If you prefer tossing the ball close to your body, you may choose a length of 33” to 34”. This is important as it’s hard to pull the barrel and make good contact with a larger model.

If you will be using the bat to hit long-fly balls, you can go with a longer and heavier one. This is important as a heavier option won’t have a similar pop.

Are composite wood bats better?

Yes. Wooden composite bats are usually a great choice as they are durable single-piece wood bats. The composite structure also makes them easier to swing.

What is the strongest wood bat?

Maple bats are the strongest and have the most pop as they are harder and denser than other wood bats.

Can MLB players use composite bats?

Major league baseball does not allow composite wood bats since they aren’t made of true wood.

What wood bats are used by MLB players?

Players in Major League Baseball use Maple, ash, or birch bat.

Final thoughts

The composite wood baseball bats deliver a lot of benefits. One of these is their level of pop. As compared to alloy, wood bats deliver more pop. This is because the carbon fiver blend propels the baseball at a faster speed and with minimal effort.

The bats are also able to control and deflect stinging vibrations. They also provide the hitter with a more balanced hit. As compared to alloys, they are also lighter.

Therefore, with the best composite wood baseball bats, you can be assured of an enhanced sweet spot, a great pop, and less vibration. If you are finding it hard to choose the best one for you, you can pick one of the above options.

But if you are wondering which of the five is the best, we recommend the Marucci AP5 Pro Model Maple Wood Baseball Bat. It’s sturdily made, has a great level of pop, and has a tapered handle for a comfortable grip.

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